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Today’s Podcast

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Next week, I’ll be answering the question, ‘Why all the fuss about STDs anyways?’ Stay tuned!

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  1. Mike says

    No one and I mean no with a sexually transmitted should be casually dating unless the other person is aware and is willing to take the risk. If not they should and only date people who have the same condition as them.

    Stop the spread of std

    • Jenelle Marie says

      Hi Mike –

      While no one should be having casual sex without first letting their partner know of their infection, casual dating is an entirely different thing. Anyone can date casually without having to disclose all of that personal information about themselves. I expand on that idea in my post ‘when to tell someone you have an STD‘; but maybe you weren’t making a distinction between casual dating and casual sex?

      Anyhow, I would take your comment one step further and also warn, no one should be having casual sex with someone who has the same condition unless their partner is also aware of their condition, because there are different strains of all viruses and they can be in different locations for different people, depending on the virus at hand – so while having the same general infection can reduce risk, there can be additional considerations and precautions one wants to take. So, it’s still incredibly important to let one another know before putting them at risk. That way, each person can calculate the risk they are willing to take.

      With clear communication, education, and understanding, we’ll definitely be able to reduce the spread of STDs! I think you’ve got the right idea!

      Thanks for your response.