External Outreach – Living with Herpes Posts on BlogHer and EmpowHer

HerpesHi Folks!

I’ve been spending some time on the BlogHer and EmpowHer networks the last couple of days writing versions of my story to share with others, and I wanted to make sure to link to them here as well, so you guys have an opportunity to read what I’ve written there too.

Posts About Living with Herpes (and contracting other STDs)

Both the BlogHer and EmpowHer networks operate similarly in that they allow people to share their unique perspectives and stories with others in hopes of helping people in similar situations or just to provide a perspective which might not be heard anywhere else.

While The STD Project would love for you to share your story here and for our readers, we know not everyone is comfortable in this arena or has an STD story, so, both of these networks work well if you’ve a different type of experience to share.

Somehow, writing about these things never gets old, and it seems to come out a little differently depending on the day, my mood, and all of the other external influences present in the day. The intent here is to provide as much exposure as possible for The STD Project in hopes of being able to help the largest audience possible.

If I’ve missed a great venue, make sure to let me know – I’m always happy to write about my experiences in a unique and interesting way for as many platforms as possible. The more people we reach, the more opportunity we have to improve the lives of those who are contracting and living with an STD.

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Have you posted a story on BlogHer or EmpowHer? What do you think about the stories I’ve written for their networks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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