What Does HIV Look Like – Pictures of STDs

Pictures of STDsPictures of STDs

When looking for pictures of STDs on google or any other search engine, you’re bound to come across incredibly graphic, disgusting, and down right scary pictures of STDs.

While these pictures are sometimes real depictions of specific STDs, they are often the very worst case scenarios and can be meant to scare people into abstinence.

This serves absolutely no purpose when you think you might have something and would like to compare your physical symptoms to more realistic photos of first occurrences of STDs in people who are not immunocompromised (a lot of the gruesome photos you come across are from people who have additional medical conditions and, as a result, have much worse STD symptoms).

So, The STD Project has scoured the web yet again and has found the most reputable resources for HIV pictures. These images of HIV come from dermatologist’s websites or other similarly reputable locations, include multiple HIV symptom severities, and also incorporate different skin types, symptom locations, and stages of HIV.

While The STD Project STRONGLY encourages getting tested and discourages diagnosing or treating oneself via pictures alone (HIV pictures disclaimer), we realize the desire to compare one’s own symptoms with those of others in hopes of narrowing the possibilities. Maybe all of this is new to you; that’s ok – it’s not always easy to know if you should get STD testing done.

Remember, the most common STD symptom is NO symptom at all; so, if you find your symptoms do not match any of the HIV images below, this does NOT mean you are STD free and you should be tested as soon as possible to avoid complications of untreated STDs.

Furthermore, if you’ve engaged in ANY sexual activity, you are at risk of contracting or transmitting an STD (see this list of sexual activities that put you at risk for contracting an STD).

Without further ado, happy photo hunting and may the force against HIV be with you!  😉

Pictures of HIV

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Do these pictures of STDs and, in particular HIV/AIDS look like what you’re experiencing? Did they help you identify your symptoms? Did you find another resource with reputable pictures as well? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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