Kirsty Spraggon on Living with Herpes – Happy Hump Day Podcasts


I am pleased as punch to bring you today’s special guest, Kirsty Spraggon from! Kirsty graciously offered to be interviewed for a podcast, after having recently ‘come out’ publicly about living with herpes to her viewers, all of YouTube, and a rapt TEDx audience. Kirsty is both eloquent and inspirational, and I think you will […]

Safer Sex Myths – STD Prevention – Happy Hump Day Podcasts

Safer Sex

It’s STD Awareness Month – Every Month! Well, not really, but we think it should be! During STD Awareness Month, this past April, we began doing research on all of the myths surrounding STDs. What we originally thought would last through the month has blossomed into a much larger series, because there were so many […]

Talking About STDs – ‘PC’ Vocabulary? Happy Hump Day Podcasts

About STDs

Spicy is how we like it, and today’s podcast is certainly muy caliente! – and/or a little questionable. I have to admit, though, we enjoy pushing the envelope a tad. So, take a listen, tell us what you think and how our message has impacted the way you talk about STDs. What to Expect When […]

STD Testing Partnership – Happy Hump Day Podcasts

STD Testing

Hi guys! Long time no podcast, huh? We’ve been working on a lot of revamping of the website and, most importantly, external outreach over the last few months; so, we had to take a break from our normal routine. It’s summer now, and we’re back to talking about STDs out loud – today, STD testing […]

Why Talking About STDs is Healing – Happy Hump Day Podcasts

About STDs

Hiya, folks! We’ve got an interesting podcast in store for you today – I think it’s bound to inspire, and it further outlines the foundation of The STD Project and why we talk about STDs all of the time – out loud! See what you think… What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast In an […]

What It’s Like to Date Someone with an STD – Happy Hump Day Podcasts


We have a treat for our listeners today as I interview my boyfriend, P. Nickle and he shares his perspective about living with and loving someone who runs an STD/STI website, but more importantly, who is living with a sexually transmitted disease/infection. You may have noticed some of his recent articles about how he felt […]

How STDs Held Me Back – Happy Hump Day Podcasts


Happy New Year podcast listeners! We took a couple of weeks off for the holiday season and we’re back with another installment of our Happy Hump Day Podcasts! What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast In an effort to cater to short attention spans (mainly, my own), we keep these podcasts between 10 and 15 […]