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STD PreventionIt’s STD Awareness Month – Every Month!

Well, not really, but we think it should be!

During STD Awareness Month, this past April, we began doing research on all of the myths surrounding STDs. What we originally thought would last through the month has blossomed into a much larger series, because there were so many misconceptions out there, we didn’t want to exclude any of them.

As such, we’ve decided to continue our myth busting series, even though it’s no longer STD Awareness Month ‘officially’. We’ve dubbed it: ‘So True, So False!’, because we think we’re as cool as E!, of course, and, because promoting awareness, education, and acceptance doesn’t always have to be super-serious.

Really, though, these myths often perpetuate big problems: they keep people from getting tested, talking to partners, practicing safer sex, and all around being conscientious about their sexual health. So, this is kinda serious stuff too!

Today, we’re tackling a handful of myths – podcast style. Lucky you.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast

In an effort to cater to short attention-spans (mainly, my own), we keep these podcasts between 5 and 15 minutes in length. When we have guests on the show, sometimes, they’re a little bit longer, but we know you’re busy. Consequently, we promise to always do our very best to be as concise as possible.

Today’s Podcast

Today’s podcast runs about 9 minutes in length and we’re talking about beliefs that are so true as well as those that are so false.

Myths that are So False!

  • Lesbians can’t contract STDs
  • Hot tubs kill STDs
  • Douching after sex gets rid of STDs
  • The ‘pull-out’ method helps to prevent STDs
  • Condoms protect against all STDs
  • You can only get an STD from genital fluids

Myths that are So True!

  • You can get an STD from oral sex
  • Female condoms can help prevent STDs
  • Condoms are the only birth control method that can protect against STDs
  • Brushing your teeth after sex can increase your risk of STDs
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Next time, I’ll be talking about sexual health, sexual responsibility, what those two terms mean, and how they work together to improve your sexual health. Stay tuned!

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