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The STD forum is still new! Don’t be shy – and be sure to start a new topic when posting a question, unless, of course, you’re responding to what someone has already asked!

The STD forum is a great place to ask questions about sexually transmitted diseases and infections you have not found answers to elsewhere on this site or on other websites. The administrator will respond as soon as possible, and other participants are welcome to contribute their thoughts as well – a great way to hear multiple perspectives. Additional insights are especially helpful when considering questions such as STD ethics or when talking about natural treatment options and side effects of prescription medications – often, there’s no one ‘right’ answer, rather a number of different ways to mindfully handle a situation or treat a condition. 

This is a completely prejudice and hate free environment – comments and replies are strictly monitored – this is a safe area. Feel free to come here, comment, and post as often or as little as you like as long as you’re adhering to our forum policies.

As the forum grows, we’ll add to the categories and rearrange for better user experience. We welcome all suggestions.

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