Sexual Health & Safer Sex Resources

Sexual HealthSexual Health and Safer Sex: 

Condom Information & Perspectives

Condom Locators

Websites that Mail Free Condoms

Videos on How to Use Condoms

How to Use Condoms - Safer Sex


Birth Control & Emergency Contraception:

Birth Control Information

Birth Control Locators

  • Bedsider (emergency contraception and birth control)

Emergency Contraception Information

Emergency Contraception Locators

Websites that Mail Emergency Contraception

  • Ella (emergency contraception)

These resources are updated monthly (sometimes daily)! We come across new information and great resources while researching all of the time, but we don’t always catch everything. Should you have something you’d like to suggest we include on these pages, please let us know! We love to hear from our readers and want to include only the most relevant and reputable information available. You can make a suggestion via the STD Forum or privately on our contact form; either way works.

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