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STD BooksSTD Books:

Damaged Goods? – by Adina Nack

STDsWhat other people said about this book:

“Damaged Goods? easily brings to life the reality of STDs in a way that so many other educational books fall short. Even if you are not yourself suffering from an STD, Damaged Goods? gives you a glimpse into the life of someone living with HPV or HSV…”


Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs

STDsWhat other people said about this book:

“This book makes it clear exactly when, how, and why people who are not promiscuous are catching STDs. This is NOT a boring textbook lecture on STDs, it reads like a story, featuring smart, educated young people who look, act and talk like your teen (or 20 or 30-something).”


Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Talking About Herpes

Herpes HSVWhat other people said about this book:

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It’s not just for those who have experienced the physical issues that surround an STD diagnosis; it delves much deeper into the psychological and emotional aspects as well.”


The Fear of Knowing [about HIV] – by Tisha Starr


What other people said about this book:

“The Fear of Knowing is an excellent read. It provides you with different scenarios regarding family and friendship and dealing with life changing truths surrounding HIV. It is a book for the masses, because it is not talking to just one person; this could be any of us on any day. This book is an definite conversation starter.”


Live, Love & Thrive with Herpes – by Dr Kelly Martin Schuh

HerpesWhat other people said about this book:

“As a nurse practitioner and a woman who lives with herpes, I am thrilled that this book is finally available. Up to this point, drugs and scams were the only option available for women, but now they have a choice. Women need this information and Dr. Kelly is the one of the only ones I know that is providing it.”


Sexual Health Books:

S.E.X. – by Heather Corinna

Safer SexWhat other people said about this sexual health book:

“Corinna’s vast commonsense wisdom–especially on topics relating to gender roles, queer sexuality, and gender identities–has the potential to improve the physical and emotional health of anyone who reads it…”


Our Bodies, Ourselves

Safer SexWhat other people said about this sexual health book:

“More than a book, OBOS is a health movement and deserves a place on every woman’s bookshelf.” “This is by far the best reference book on women’s bodies that there is available.”


Losing It: The Semi-Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin

Safer SexWhat other people said about this book:

“This is the best book I’ve read in a really really long time. Readers can relate to Danielle as she goes through problems that many women go through. I appreciate how she brought the issue of HPV out in the open with humor.”


The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth

STD TreatmentWhat other people said about this book:

“The book is witty, easy to read, fascinating, not too technical, but at the same time loaded with real scientific references explaining exactly what works, why, how and what to expect.”


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