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Online static content: Over 250 comprehensive STI/STD articles, guides and fact sheets, advice answers, extensive external resource lists for each sexually transmitted disease and a growing blog. Our content is thoroughly researched and fact-checked for accuracy among a large list of global sexuality educators and reference sites.

Interactive STD services: Our forum is highly moderated to provide a safe space that offers accurate information. We also maintain an active presence on FacebookTwitter & Google+ as well as responding in question and answer forums such as Reddit and Quora.

Referrals: We make referrals to sexual/reproductive healthcare services and references such as: testing centers, hotlines, external forums, blogs, treatment options, educational books, and safer-sex products.

Other outreach: We provide global outreach and education offline through tabling events, project collaboration, research, and clinician or support staff training. Additional outreach opportunities are provided through speaking engagements at colleges, universities, or community centers and conferences for students, parents, the general public, and to fellow sexual health educators.

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Sample Speaking Topics:

  • Overcoming stigma – history, approaches, coping
  • The admin’s personal story (including herpes, HPV, scabies, and vaginitis)
  • All 20+ STDs in depth: how they’re contracted, common symptoms
  • Safer-sex practices: which sexual activities expose someone to which STDs, ways to mitigate risk
  • STD myth vs. fact: common misconceptions and statistics
  • STD Interviews – Stories from around the globe
  • Living, dating, and overcoming stigma after an STD diagnosis
  • The STD Project – Mission, Goals, Long-term Plan, Awards, Community Impact

To learn more about our progress, please see our goals page!

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