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STD ProjectRecently, we updated The STD Project website, so it seems an appropriate time to expand on the thought behind our new coloring, in particular. This time around, we chose to use a warmer look with a variety of orange hues while also keeping the black, white, & grey we previously used as main design components.

In terms of our overall feel, it’s important to note, The STD Project welcomes all ages, races, sexual orientations, beliefs, and sexes.

Consequently, we kept with very asexual/unassuming colors.

In my writing, I use a lot of smiley faces – I just can’t help it – can you imagine if this site were full of flowers, rainbows, butterflies, AND smiley-faces (‘Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows’…..anyone?)?! Oh my. In any case, the specific colors we chose were also more intentional than just being warmer or asexual. :-) < —– again with the smiley.


Orange represents STDs.

Moreover, Orange represents the stigma associated with contracting an STD – a modern-day scarlet letter, if you will. However, instead of buying into that stigma and accepting the scarlet letter we’ve been given, we’re choosing to use awareness and education to reduce its intensity.

For the first 2 years after our launch, we readily identified with the color red. Now, we – those of us behind the scenes, the people who support our work, and our readers – are somewhere along the acceptance spectrum, and the varied hues of orange we’re using displays that progress visually.


Black and White represent STD facts and STD resources.

The STD Project promotes education and awareness by sharing reputable resources and facts about STDs. By sharing a thorough list of STD resources (STD hotlines, STD testing centers, STD treatment options, STD symptoms, & STD facts), The STD Project is taking a modern-day approach toward STD prevention by way of STD education.


Grey represents individual STD stories – that of those living with an STD and those who love someone who is living with an STD.

Grey also represents the open dialogue encouraged via The STD Project’s website and the thoughtful opinions of all people.

It is only through comprehensive education, and communication of both resources and personal STD experiences that STDs can be prevented and those living with an STD can enjoy productive and rich lives free from social stigma.

– – – –

Do you like our branding, choice of colors, and what they represent? Do you think we should include something in our descriptions? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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