The STD Project is Chosen: 100 Essential Online Public Health Resources

The STD Project100 Essential Online Public Health Resources

This week, we were notified about being nominated and subsequently receiving the award for one of the 100 Essential Online Public Health Resources as chosen by

Master of Public provides prospective public health practitioners with up-to-date information about accredited online degree programs across the United States. Their blog addresses the professional and educational development of Master of Public Health (MPH) students and includes updates about research and news in the public health field.

The STD Project is listed at #52 in their General section of 100 Essential Online Public Health Resources – their list is by category, so the number is not a reflection of their ranking.

We’re always so incredibly honored when we receive awards such as this.

To begin with, we’ve only been up and running since April of 2012 and are typically competing against some long-established websites that have been running as well-oiled machines for years! We happen to link to a lot of the websites we are mentioned with in our STD Blogs and External References sections!

To be lumped into a category with some of those heavy-hitters is beyond complimentary and speaks volumes of the work we’re doing and how useful it really is!

From the depths of our hearts, we say a loud and triumphant, ‘Thank you!’

This is an incredible honor and we will do our very best to maintain this distinction. Awards such as this (and, did I mention, from a well-designed website boasting a wealth of information itself) inspire us to carry on! (Apparently, I’m so excited, I can only express myself in hyphenated vocabulary today! I’ll have to work on that.) 😉

Their write-up about The STD Project was short and sweet. Here’s what they said:

‘[The STD Project is] a blog addressing all STD issues, including stories about STDs and reputable STD resources. The goal of this space is to promote mindfulness, education, and acceptance by sharing information about STDs.’

– – – –

What do you think about our newest award? Is this one of your essential websites or bookmarks too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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