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STD ResourcesClick the links to find STD Resources:

  • STD? What Now? Your Ultimate Guide – If you are living with an STD, this guide will help you deal with stigma and handle relationships with friends, family, and partners going forward.
  • Books We Love – The STD Project’s List of Recommended STD Books about STDs, living with an STD, sexual health, safer sex, sexuality, and more.
  • Hotlines – A list of STD help hotlines & their phone numbers for advice about symptoms, treatment and living with an STD – some available 7 days a week.

  • Treatment – STD treatment options – links to information about STD prescriptions, side effects and usage and holistic/natural STD treatment options.
  • Natural STD Support – Natural STD support page – over-the-counter, holistic product recommendations to help support the body’s defenses while living with or treating an STD.
  • Blogs – STD Blogs recommended by The STD Project – current and useful blog about STDs or for people with an STD seeking additional information and perspectives.
  • Support Groups – STD support groups for those living with an STD – HIV support groups, Herpes and HPV support groups, and Hepatitis support groups.
  • External References – External links containing vetted STD information, statistics, STD references, treatment, etc. – including non-profit, independent, and government agencies.

These resources are updated monthly (sometimes daily)! We come across new information and great resources while researching all of the time, but we don’t always catch everything. Should you have a website, a hotline, a testing locator, treatment information, etc. you’d like to suggest we include on these pages, please let us know! We love to hear from our readers and want to include only the most relevant and reputable links available. You can make a suggestion via our contact form!

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