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STD BlogsGeneral STD Blogs or Sexual Health Blogs

  • STD News, STD Treatment, Information about Specific STDs, STD Interviews, and STD Testing
  • Sexual health (STIs/STDs and more) and sexuality in a question and answer format
  • Text, video, and photographic content related to sex, sexual health, and relationships to help women and men learn how to have better sex and optimal sexual health and pleasure

For Him

  • Their community is smart, compassionate, curious, and open-minded; they strive to be good fathers and husbands, citizens and friends, to lead by example at home and in the workplace, and to understand their role in a changing world.
  • Articles on sexual health concerns and interests such as STDs, male infertility, body building, nutrition, weight loss, and relationships
  • Frequently updated articles about sex, STDs – awareness and prevention, male-specific conditions, and other valuable ‘man tips’

For Her

  • Love and Sex: for rich, diverse content and community surrounding these topics

CMV (Cytomegalovirus)

  • One woman’s work to fight congentital CMV and promote awareness


  • Features blogs, news, and an online community that allows those infected with the disease to connect with others
  • Lucinda Porter is a nurse, speaker, advocate and patient devoted to increasing awareness about hepatitis C. She is the is a member of the Hepatitis C Support Project advisory board and writes for various publications, including the HCV Advocate
  • A national non-profit organization dedicated to the global problem of hepatitis B, finding a cure, and improving the quality of life for those affected by hepatitis B worldwide
  • A close-knit group of people who care deeply about spreading the word about Hepatitis C, its ups and downs, effects of treatment and, ultimately, the ability to accept and deal with the illness
  • Timely updates from the HCV & HBV Advocates websites

Hepatitis/HIV Co-Infection

  • Strive 2 Thrive is a collective effort to raise awareness for multiple communities in the medical world including hemophilia, hepatitis C and HIV. Strive 2 Thrive Founder, Joseph Burke, was born with Hemophilia Type A, and by age two, Joseph became co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis C.


  • From testing and treatment options, to the emotional issues of dealing with a stigmatized infection and communicating with intimate partners about it, the articles presented cover a wide range of issues and reflect some of the best the newsletter has had to offer over the past three decades along with latest news, research, and commentary.
  • Much more than a blog, herpesite offers advice about living with herpes from treatment to dating and everything in between
  • A tumblr blog written by a 24-year-old city girl with HSV2 – genital herpes. She shares her perspective and answers reader’s questions about living with herpes
  • A tumblr blog written by a 20-something sexual health educator who’s also open about living with herpes. She posts some great youtube videos about having the talk and how to view your infection and yourself after your diagnosis.
  • Part of The (Herpes) Opportunity/(h) Opportunity website, the blog features the website’s developer who is living with HSV


  • Since 2000, Shawn and Gwenn have been educating together, using their relationship (he’s HIV+, she’s not) as a way to talk about the issues of sexual health and living with HIV
  • POZ is an award-winning website for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. POZ is often identified by their readers as their most trusted source of information about the disease
  • An online magazine for people living with HIV – from prevention to treatment, testing and cures, to stigma and dating
  • Josh Robbins, an HIV+ social media activist offers encouragement to those living with HIV and allows long-term survivors the chance to share wisdom with those newly diagnosed
  • A Girl Like Me (AGLM) is a program of The Well Project and is an online blog where women of all ages can share their stories and promote understanding of HIV through online storytelling

These resources are updated monthly (sometimes daily)! We come across new information and great resources while researching all of the time, but we don’t always catch everything. Should you have a website, a hotline, a testing locator, treatment information, etc. you’d like to suggest we include on these pages, please let us know! We love to hear from our readers and want to include only the most relevant and reputable links available. You can make a suggestion via our contact form!

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