STD Support Groups

STD SupportSTD Support Groups by Type of STD

Hepatitis Support Groups

Hepatitis support group finders in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Internationally. Directories and descriptions of support groups based on location with related contact info.

Herpes and HPV Support Groups

National support groups for both those living with herpes and HPV called HELP groups – listed by state with their contact information, websites, and locations. Additionally, a list of HELP groups in Canada and Australia. Some HELP groups meet in person, others administer hotlines, and some prefer online forums – many run a combination of 2 or more of those approaches. As each group is run individually, contact the group to determine if their mode of communication suits your support needs.

HIV Support Groups

Links to support group finders from, either listed by state, Canadian HIV support groups, or worldwide HIV support groups. Use one of the links provided based on your location.

Should we have missed a vetted STD support group, or should you have a reference to submit for another category of infection, please contact the admin via the contact form. We are always happy to link to helpful, supportive, friendly, welcoming and non-judgmental safe spaces for our readers.

A note about support groups from the admin – All Support Groups Are Not Created Equal

If you’re unsure which group will best suits your needs, we are also happy to help point you in the right direction. Feel free to use the contact form to ask about specific help groups. Lastly, please do not be afraid to let us know if we’ve inappropriately included a group that did not respect your privacy or did not function as described and we will do our best to communicate with the admins while re-assessing their placement on our referral list. You, reader, are always our primary concern. :)

Keeping Our Content Fresh & Accurate

These resources are updated monthly (sometimes daily)! We come across new information and great resources while researching all of the time, but we don’t always catch everything. Should you have a website, a hotline, a testing locator, treatment information, etc. you’d like to suggest we include on these pages, please let us know! We love to hear from our readers and want to include only the most relevant and reputable links available. You can make a suggestion via our contact form!

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