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STD TestingHi guys! Long time no podcast, huh? We’ve been working on a lot of revamping of the website and, most importantly, external outreach over the last few months; so, we had to take a break from our normal routine. It’s summer now, and we’re back to talking about STDs out loud – today, STD testing in particular! Hurray!

Did you miss us?! Of course you did!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast

In an effort to cater to short attention spans (mainly, my own), we keep these podcasts between 5 and 15 minutes in length. When we have guests on the show, sometimes they’re a little bit longer, but we know you’re busy. So, we promise to always do our very best to be as concise as possible.

Today’s Podcast – STD Testing

Today’s podcast runs about 7 minutes in length – short and sweet is how we like em’ – and we’re talking about STD testing. We’ve recently partnered with an STD testing provider and we explain why we chose to recommend their services above all of the other STD testing providers.

Call this a hard launch, if you will. STD Test Express, our new provider is, bar none, the highest quality private testing provider available. That’s a hefty claim, we know, but we think you’ll agree. In a continued effort to provide you with the best STD resources out there, we tried a number of different services and worked with a bunch of the private providers on the back end too – STD Test Express stood out among the competition.

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STD Test Express has some really cool services! If you’re interested in talking to someone live about symptoms or testing options, you can call a certified care rep (1-877-726-6473) 7 days a week. They’re also now accepting insurance – the first in their industry to do this. Learn more about their testing options.

Want to let us know what you think about their services? Send us a message or a review via our contact form.

Next time, I’ll be talking about the way we talk about STDs, using politically correct terms and vocabulary and if this is just one more thing to add to the ever-growing list of things we can and can’t say when being ‘PC’. Stay tuned!

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