An Op-Ed about STD Stigma – Part 2


This essay was submitted anonymously after the author participated in the STD Interviews. This is part 2 of a 3 part series. The fact of the matter is, if you’re having sex, you are putting yourself at risk for an STD, and you should be getting tested for STDs. Most STDs don’t have symptoms, and the person […]

The Difference Between HIV & AIDS


This guest post was written by Dr. Lisa Oldson, Medical Director for HIV and AIDS: What’s the difference? ‘HIV’ and ‘AIDS’ – seven little letters that have made a BIG impact on the world in the past three decades. The two acronyms are so closely associated, many think they’re the same thing. Actually, they’re not. […]

Early HIV Symptoms and How to Spot Them


This guest post was written by Katie Brind’Amour, MS, a Certified Health Education Specialist, a freelance health and wellness writer, and Social Media Manager for Women’s Healthcare Topics. How to Spot Early HIV Symptoms The earliest HIV symptoms — if you experience any at all — can be disguised as other common illnesses, making a new HIV infection difficult […]

What You Need to Know About HIV Testing


About HIV What is HIV and how is it spread? HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a long-term infection that damages the body’s immune system or it’s ability to fight off diseases. It spreads through blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. You can get or give the infection by: Having vaginal, anal, or oral sex […]

World AIDS Day 2013 and Beyond – What YOU Can Do Now


World AIDS Day is December 1st This year, The STD Project had the privilege of participating in multiple events to both commemorate those who lost their lives to AIDS as well as celebrate the leaps and bounds achieved in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. While I was delighted to take part in those events, I was […]

The STD Project Forecast: Mostly Great with a Chance of Awesome

The STD Project

Being smack dab in the middle of hurricane season and all, I thought it’d be fun to parlay my update for The STD Project into a little bit of weather chatter. Brilliant, right?!?! Maybe not. However, it’s entertaining for the moment, so, I’m going with it. As always, I’ve plenty of things to share with […]

Living With an STD – A Legacy – The STD Project Loses a Friend to HIV

Living with HIV

Mourning the Loss of a Beautiful Soul The STD Project lost its first friend to HIV/AIDS this week, Mirvan Ereon. I have been mourning since; I was not at all prepared for how this would affect me and quite honestly, I felt a little silly being so taken aback as I had only just recently […]

Cytomegalovirus Symptoms – STD Symptoms & Signs

STD Symptoms

In a healthy person, initial CMV infection often occurs without symptoms and is rarely noticed. Most people infected with CMV have no symptoms. If a person receives a transfusion of blood containing CMV, fever and sometimes liver inflammation may develop 2 to 4 weeks later. When STD symptoms do appear, they may include: Occasionally, a […]