What It’s Like to Get STD Testing Done with a Private Provider

STD Testing

At The STD Project, we make a point to personally try all of the services or products we recommend on our site. Our policy is that if we do not believe in the efficacy of the product or service, we don’t suggest it to our readers. It’s as simple as that. Last month, I had […]

Chlamydia, HSV2, & HPV – It Doesn’t Bother Him – STD Interviews


It’s interviews such as this one that speak to the value of having access to resources and educational tools that support and encourage sexual health. Quite often, we’ve found that a person’s opinion about their diagnosis improves with time. For some, it takes longer than others [read: it took me years and years to overcome […]

HPV & Chlamydia – I Asked to Use a Condom but Didn’t Insist – STD Interviews


This interview is a fantastic example of how people from all walks of life and with all educational backgrounds contract sexually transmitted infections. They are an inherent risk to something (intimacy/sex) that also elicits innumerable rewards. Understanding those risks and rewards is part of being sexually healthy, and, ultimately, sexually responsible. No one wants an infection […]

HPV, Trich & Chlamydia – I Wish I Could Go Back – STD Interviews


An HPV diagnosis, despite being one of the most common STDs, considering 80% of all women by the age of 50 will have contracted an HPV infection at some point in their lives, can still be one of the most frightening because of the grey area surrounding testing, length of infection, treatment, and long-term risk. […]

Chlamydia – He Made Me Feel Awful – STD Interviews

STD Interviews - Chlamdyia

Submitted anonymously via the contact form, this interview speaks to level of stigma that persists across all STD diagnosis. Largely, those misconceptions prevail because of a lack of information. Folks are unaware of how likely they are to contract an STD, and instead of taking responsibility for their sexual behavior, they blame those who have […]

Losing a Baby – Chlamydia, PID & Herpes – STD Interviews

STD Interviews

After being incredibly patient with us as we went through our website remodel, this anonymous interviewee’s story is finally live – and what a harrowing story it is. Contracting an STD takes such an incredible mental toll on those who are diagnosed that we often set aside some of the physical implications. For this reader, the […]

HSV2 & Chlamydia – I’m Feeling Pretty Alone – STD Interviews

HSV2 & Chlamydia

From our initial email exchange as a result of her anonymous submission via the contact form to the interviewee’s follow-up message describing ‘The Talk’ she had with a new beau, this reader experienced the full range of emotions that often accompanies an STD diagnosis. What’s more, from being alone literally and figuratively after her late […]

Chlamydia, HPV, and HSV2 – STD Interviews

Chlamydia, HSV, HPV

As an anonymous submission via the contact form, this interview touches on some pertinent issues which affect all of us who’ve contracted an STD – no matter the type of sexually transmitted infection. Across the board, stigma negatively affects all of us, and a lack of education surrounding the pathophysiology behind these infections sometimes elicits […]