I Have HSV2! *does golf clap*


Stop the presses, people; I have herpes – genital herpes – and more specifically, I have the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2)! Enthusiasm and exclamation marks intended. No, but, really, I’ve actually known I’ve had herpes for years and years (14, as of the date of this post)…. So, why this post in the […]

STD Testing Windows – When To Get Tested for STDs

STD Testing Windows

STD Testing Windows When it comes to STDs and specifically, STD testing windows, you want to make sure you’re testing at the right time – lest you receive a false negative or positive, right? If you have an STD, you want to know with certainty so you can treat it or start managing it; and […]

Genital Herpes (or any other STD) Won’t Stop You


A Genital Herpes Bucket List ~ Do you have an STD? Do you have an STD and feel like life is over, things will never be the same, the universe hates you, and the world is simultaneously ending?!? If you answered yes to any of the above, I understand; nevertheless, I am here to tell […]

Anger & The Person Who Gave Me Genital Herpes / Scabies


Am I angry at the person who gave me genital herpes? No. Here’s why: Truthfully, I don’t remember EVER feeling angry about contracting an STD or even believing it was someone else’s fault. Shocked, scared, appalled, embarrassed? Definitely! Anger? No. I put myself at risk – I didn’t use barriers consistently or correctly, I didn’t get tested […]

Our First External Interview – Genital Herpes – STD Interviews


This person has so graciously volunteered to be our first interview – yey!!!  (And then, recently, she wrote a follow-up about how The STD Project has impacted her.) Thank you for sharing your story for The STD Project and for the many readers interested in hearing more. If you’d also like to share your story, […]

People Who Love People with STDs – STD Interviews


Do you know someone with a sexually transmitted disease or infection? Do you love them and would you like to share your story? The STD Project wants to hear from you too!!! If you’d like to participate, answer the below questions about the person you love in advance and send them to us via the […]