HPV & Chlamydia – I Asked to Use a Condom but Didn’t Insist – STD Interviews


This interview is a fantastic example of how people from all walks of life and with all educational backgrounds contract sexually transmitted infections. They are an inherent risk to something (intimacy/sex) that also elicits innumerable rewards. Understanding those risks and rewards is part of being sexually healthy, and, ultimately, sexually responsible. No one wants an infection […]

HPV, Trich & Chlamydia – I Wish I Could Go Back – STD Interviews


An HPV diagnosis, despite being one of the most common STDs, considering 80% of all women by the age of 50 will have contracted an HPV infection at some point in their lives, can still be one of the most frightening because of the grey area surrounding testing, length of infection, treatment, and long-term risk. […]

An Op-Ed about STD Stigma – Part 2


This essay was submitted anonymously after the author participated in the STD Interviews. This is part 2 of a 3 part series. The fact of the matter is, if you’re having sex, you are putting yourself at risk for an STD, and you should be getting tested for STDs. Most STDs don’t have symptoms, and the person […]

Forgotten About – Genital Warts – STD Interviews

Genital Warts

Submitted anonymously via the contact form, this interviewee has a point: genital warts – the low-risk, wart-causing strains of HPV – are rarely addressed in the media or even via medical websites. The effect is those who’ve contracted them sometimes feel most alone. Commonly, it’s the benign forms of STDs that get publicly ridiculed – […]

Chlamydia, HPV, and HSV2 – STD Interviews


As an anonymous submission via the contact form, this interview touches on some pertinent issues which affect all of us who’ve contracted an STD – no matter the type of sexually transmitted infection. Across the board, stigma negatively affects all of us, and a lack of education surrounding the pathophysiology behind these infections sometimes elicits […]

HPV is Not An STD – So False


It’s STD Awareness Month – Every Month! Well, not really, but we think it should be! During STD Awareness Month this past April, we began doing research on all of the myths surrounding STDs. What we originally thought would last through the month has blossomed into a much larger series, because there were so many […]