HSV2 – He Never Bothered to Tell Me – STD Interviews


In compiling these interviews, it never ceases to amaze me the similarities across one another’s narratives, yet, still, how alone, hopeless, and ostracized we can feel. No matter someone’s age or background, the affect of an STD diagnosis – in this case, HSV2 – transcends all boundaries, and often leaves those who are diagnosed in the […]

Herpes Never Scared a Man Away – HSV1 Genitally – STD Interviews

Herpes - HSV1

People with STDs are often characterized as villains – individuals that should be avoided, because they’re bad people or they will only intentionally infect someone else. What’s silly about that portrayal is everyone with an STD was once someone without an STD. Rarely, does the other side of the story get explained or does a […]

Seek Positive Influences – HSV1 – STD Interviews


Submitted anonymously via the contact form, this interview highlights how an STD diagnosis, namely, HSV1, can be a blessing in disguise. While the stigma associated with contracting an STD is definitely no Saturday morning walk in the park, it seems that, upon diagnosis, an individual almost always finds themselves doing some much needed personal reflection. […]

HSV2 – Don’t Waste Time Being Depressed – STD Interviews


This reader, having initially submitted her interview via the contact form, was so inspired by her experience, she wrote a rhetorical essay about STD stigma for her college English class as well. She’s also allowing us to post her essay as part of The STD Project, and we’re stoked! We’ll be showcasing her work in […]

HSV1 – You Can Still Get Married – STD Interviews

HSV1 Herpes

Submitted anonymously via the contact form, this interview highlights one of the most common concerns we hear after a person is diagnosed: Now, I’ll never be able to get married. A common misconception, albeit, an understandable one considering all of the negative stigma associated with an STD, is that an STD – any kind – […]

Herpes – I Didn’t Want to be Thought of as a ‘Slut’ – STD Interviews

Herpes - STD Interviews

Women of all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds, and who identify with all sexual orientations contract STDs, and this interviewee’s story is no different. What’s most remarkable, or maybe more accurately, most disheartening, however, is the similarities in fears one experiences upon initial diagnosis. They are nearly identical in all of those who are […]

Chlamydia and Herpes Simplex Type 2 – HSV2 – STD Interviews


This interview came in as an anonymous submission via the contact form, and from there the author and I exchanged a few emails. She said, ‘Writing about my situation really makes me feel a lot better.’ Consequently, she’ll be posting a follow-up to this interview (which I’ll link through to once she does) in short […]

Why Talking About STDs is Healing – Happy Hump Day Podcasts

About STDs

Hiya, folks! We’ve got an interesting podcast in store for you today – I think it’s bound to inspire, and it further outlines the foundation of The STD Project and why we talk about STDs all of the time – out loud! See what you think… What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast In an […]