Seek Positive Influences – HSV1 – STD Interviews


Submitted anonymously via the contact form, this interview highlights how an STD diagnosis, namely, HSV1, can be a blessing in disguise. While the stigma associated with contracting an STD is definitely no Saturday morning walk in the park, it seems that, upon diagnosis, an individual almost always finds themselves doing some much needed personal reflection. […]

About STDs – Your Ultimate Reference Guide

About STDs

If you’re curious about what STDs really are, why some websites talk about STIs and others talk about STDs, how someone can get STDs, etc., this compilation post will help guide you to all of the basic information you need to wrap your head around sexually transmitted diseases and infections. As a compilation post, this […]

HIV Did Not Deter Me – STD Interviews


I met Mirvan through fellow twitter contacts – I like to refer to them affectionately as: all my rockin’ tweeps! Mirvan’s photo even conveniently matches The STD Project’s theme and branding design – how’s that for well-matched?!?! So, it made sense to ask him to share his story with our readers when he said he’d […]

April is STD Awareness Month – STD Statistics

STD Statistics

Don’t Risk It – Go Get STD Tested! These STD statistics will make you want to go get STD tested!!! They certainly lit a fire under my butt – I haven’t been tested in quite some time and I’d rather be safe than sorry. One STD is more than enough for me (my STD story) […]

Eradicating the Stigma – Genital Herpes and STDs


A Nice Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Post – STD Hater-Aid This morning, I read a great article about eradicating STD stigma and the stigma associated with genital herpes specifically. It’s a rather long article and you can find it in its entirety here, but for those of you with as short of an attention span as […]

A Healthy Helping of STD Hater-Aid – Fighting Stigma


STD Stigma Were I to say The STD Project’s mission is an easy endeavor and one without challenges or opposition, I would be lying to each and every one of you and losing sight of the very motto The STD Project is perpetuating: Be Authentic ~ Break the Stigma (and now, A Positive Voice)! While […]

The STD Project Bucket List – Our Goals

STD Project

Going along with this week’s theme of clarifying and detailing the STD project’s vision, mission, and values, I thought it best to configure an STD bucket list – ‘hopes and dreams of The STD Project’ in an easy-to-read list format! The STD Project Bucket List will serve as a project gauge and will help determine […]

STD Statistics – Did YOU know?!?!

STD Statistics

STD Statistics and Why You Should Get Tested! 1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STD by the age of 25. Most young people with STDs don’t even know they have them. Getting tested is the only way to know for sure. STDs are really common – every year there are more […]