Take a 5 Minute, Anonymous STD Testing Survey for BMF!

STD TestingBoston Microfluidics (BMF) is looking for people to take a 5 minute, anonymous STD testing survey! To take the survey, follow this link!

Recently, The STD Project and Boston Microfluidics – the makers of KnowNow at-home HSV2 tests – have begun collaborating. You may have seen some of our recent press in The Daily Beast, Forbes, and Jezebel, to name a few.

BMF was also mentioned on Chelsea Lately. Great press, huh?

Take the 5 Min Survey

Their 5 minute survey is designed to get a better idea of what their customers or what potential customers would be willing to pay for, if they’d purchase an at-home test for HSV2 (commonly genital herpes), and where they’d purchase that kind of product.

We took their survey last week and shared our input in its design. It’s super fast, totally anonymous, and administered via Survey Monkey – most people have taken a survey on their platform at some point, and if not, they’re super simple to click through.

Help The STD Project and BMF collect some much-needed info about their test so that they can develop their product accordingly!

>>> TAKE the 5 MIN Survey HERE <<<

Our Collaboration

You’ll be hearing more about The STD Project and BMF in the next few months and over the course of the next year or so as they get ready to launch their testing products. We’re really excited to be collaborating with them (we promise, they’re not paying us to say that)!

We’ve worked with a few other businesses designed to ‘help’ those who are either not sure if they have an STD or who already have an STD, and it’s not often that we can say we truly love what a company is doing. Not every person/business is in the STD realm for the right reasons (even some non-profits are poorly run, so don’t let that deceive you), and all of that usually shows pretty quickly.

BMF hasn’t elicited any of the red flags typically raised by the many folks who contact us, and in fact, quite the opposite is true: we believe they earnestly want to provide a product that is both effective and beneficial.

That’s why you’ll see us talking about them from time to time. Stay tuned for more. But in the meantime, please take a quick moment to answer their 5 minute survey.

You rock!

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