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About STDsHiya, folks! We’ve got an interesting podcast in store for you today – I think it’s bound to inspire, and it further outlines the foundation of The STD Project and why we talk about STDs all of the time – out loud! See what you think…

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast

In an effort to cater to short attention spans (mainly, my own), we keep these podcasts between 10 and 15 minutes in length. When we have guests on the show, sometimes they’re a little bit longer, but we know you’re busy. So, we promise to always do our very best to be as concise as possible.

Today’s Podcast

Today’s podcast runs about 12 minutes in length – back to our typical length, because we’re not interviewing a guest. This podcast expands upon a recent podcast we did about why we began talking about living with an STD. In this podcast, we talk about why it’s psychologically healing and, ultimately, very freeing to talk about STDs – whether it be privately, anonymously, or as I do for the whole world to hear.

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For further reading about healing through storytelling, read ‘When Patients Share Their Stories, Health Improves‘ and ‘The Healing Power of Storytelling.’

Next time, I’ll be talking about our new STD testing partnership and why we’ve narrowed our recommendation to one testing provider in particular. Stay tuned!

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