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STDHappy Hump Day! You’ve made it this far – cheers! Tomorrow’s thirsty Thursday – make sure to bring your barriers (condoms, etc.) when you’re out and about quenching your thirst; you never know who you’ll meet at your favorite watering hole, and there’s nothing sexier than being prepared! 😉

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…a Podcast

These podcasts are short, sweet, and a little bit of the lighter side of STDs/STIs, living with one, perceptions about STDs/STIs, common questions, misconceptions, and everything else in between. I try to keep them as concise as possible, because goodness knows you’ve better things to do than listen to me chat about STDs/STIs (well, that, and I have a really short attention span).

Today’s Podcast

Today’s podcast is about 12 minutes in length and talks about The STD Project’s book, ‘The Relationship Survival Guide to Living with an STD.’

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Next week, I’ll be interviewing guests about their opinions on STDs/STIs, their perceptions of those who are living with an STD/STI, and how they want to help eradicate the stigma. Stay tuned!

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