The STD Project Bucket List – Our Goals

STD ProjectGoing along with this week’s theme of clarifying and detailing the STD project’s vision, mission, and values, I thought it best to configure an STD bucket list – ‘hopes and dreams of The STD Project’ in an easy-to-read list format!

The STD Project Bucket List will serve as a project gauge and will help determine the project’s overall success.

Check back as often as you like as this will be updated frequently.

Some of these items are on-going and will be the project’s goals for its duration; as such, I’ll post updates beside them as progress is made.

The STD Project Bucket List (in random order)

  • Apply for research grants
  • Run a 24hr. STD hotline (telephone and online chat) available globally
  • Provide free or low-cost (income-based) safer-sex protection globally (condoms, dams, etc.)
  • Develop comprehensive info packets for download or distribution (free or low-cost for non-profits)
  • Contract to provide income-based STD testing kits globally
  • Compile 100 STD Interviews to be published as short stories – including the People Who Love People with STDs interviews

The STD Project – On-Going Goals

  • Post The STD Project posters in college towns and major cities across the U.S. 
    • Posted in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Reed City, Mt. Pleasant, and Chicago
  • Partner with local and national organizations to distribute educational information
    • A friend of mine just distributed the first poster to a local Planned Parenthood; so delighted by their show of support and ecstatic about people getting involved right away!
    • The American Sexual Health Association will be featuring an interview with Jenelle Marie for its re-designed website launch, and has since featured more of our writing
  • Speak at high schools, universities, clinics, and small groups
    • Michigan State University’s invited me as a panel member on their Sexposure show after a recent interview, and we now appear monthly for their Sexposure show
    • Participated in the World AIDS Day 2013 panel with Red Project
    • Spoke for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation at the 13th Annual Women’s Health Forum in Los Angeles, California
    • Will be speaking at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for a Sex-Ed event in April
  • Encourage people to get tested for all STDs and often
  • Facilitate STD education in urban communities and rural areas by partnering with testing centers, clinics, and outreach networks
    • The STD Project participated in The 2nd Annual Rock the Block Health Fest & Fair and Pride Fest West Michigan
  • Promote open STD communication among sexual partners, friends, and family members
    • The STD Interviews are the first step toward talking about sexual health openly and with a wide array of people
  • Facilitate STD dialogue within the community – positive and negative – and encourage others to join-in constructively via an STD forum on this site, etc.: to include people who have contracted STDs as well as those who love someone with an STD
  • Help people find up-to-date STD treatment options, STD help hotlines, STD blogs, STD forumsSTD symptoms and STD facts.
  • Volunteer globally in communities fighting STDs – sharing their stories via this website in the STD Stories or STD Interviews sections
    • Volunteering with the Kalamazoo County Health Department’s Health Equity Summit and Photo Voice Project
    • We have recently partnered with FloNe Initiatives of Kenya to provide STD resources and outreach to their communities
    • We have also recently established a network in Ethiopia which provides printed materials, staff and clinical training, and treatment supplies to the most remotest parts of their country
  • Promote STD awareness, STD education, and STD acceptance (our values!) ~ The STD Project believes, by doing the three aforementioned items, modern-day STD prevention will be achieved

GO The STD Project!!!

– – – –

What do you think of our goals? Is there something we’re missing or do you have some advice on how we can accomplish the items on our list? Would you like to help us cross off a goal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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