The STD Project Update – News and Upcoming Events

STD ProjectWhat an exciting month it’s been! There are so many great things happening at The STD Project, I’m nearly at a loss for where to start.

Not all days are glorious, and often the fight to end stigma tries my patience and understanding to the nth degree, but lately, we’ve been making such astonishing progress; I can’t help but be optimistic.

New STD Interviews

There has been a lot of participation on the STD Interviews recently, and I’m so happy to see this kind of reader engagement.

The STD Interviews help both the writer and future readers – whether they’re optimistic or reflective of the negative way one can feel when diagnosed. All of the stories are important and help others to know they are not in this alone.

So, thank you so much to all who have participated thus far and all of you who will be submitting their interviews over the next couple of months!

A Quarter of a Million Views

Can you believe it? In 7 months, there have been over a quarter of a million views!

The website’s been up and running for a little less than 8 months now and the amount of traffic we’re getting just goes to show how many people need and want the information and the stories available on The STD Project.

Thanks to all of you for coming to read what I’ve written, for commenting, for sharing your stories, and for helping to eradicate the stigma!

Together, we can alter perceptions and change the way people view sexually transmitted diseases and infections and those who contract them. Rock on, folks.

100 Essential Online Public Health Resources

We mentioned a nomination on our last update for a new award, and since, we were chosen as a finalist!

Master of Public Health chose us among all of the wonderful and information-filled blogs and websites out there as one of the best. We are honored to have been chosen and will continue to work hard to maintain that status.

Thanks, guys.

Michigan State University’s Sexposure Panel

A little while back, I was asked to interview at Michigan State University. They thought the interview went so well, they invited me back to participate as a panel member for their Sexposure show.

The people there are great – intelligent, open-minded, thought-provoking, and an all around joy to work with.

NOW Magazine Feature Article

For our first ever print publication, NOW magazine, based in the United Kingdom, wrote a two page feature in response to my interview with a freelance writer from London.

Aside from being completely enamored by the writer’s beautiful British accent while we spoke one afternoon over the phone, the interview went really well and the printed version stayed pretty true to my story. I’m told interviewees are often misrepresented in magazine articles, so I was expecting the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results – the overall message remained intact despite some of their creative changes.

All in all, the experience was a delight and a success.

Hepatitis Summit

Thanks to a very close friend, I had an opportunity to attend the Hepatitis Summit hosted by the Hepatitis Foundation International.

I gathered a plethora of information about the liver and how hepatitis is a silent infection – often asymptomatic. Over the next month, I’ll be sharing all of the wonderful information I retained with you.

Watch for those posts in the weeks to come and thanks to my generous friend for donating the admission fee and joining me in the fight to end stigma.

Coming Soon!!!!

Happy Hump Day Weekly Podcasts

  • Every Wednesday (beginning Nov 21st), I’ll be doing a short podcast (15 minutes or so). I’ve had such a nice time interviewing on radio shows, I figure, why not take that back to my readers in the form of a podcast? The first podcast will be about talking about having an STD.
  • So, stay tuned for a casual chat about all things STD every Wednesday!

The Relationship Survival Guide to Living with an STD

  • Well, guys, I’m writing a book! The official publish date is yet to be determined but will be right around the corner for sure! I’m really geeked about it and I think it will provide that in-depth look into dating with a sexually transmitted disease or infection I haven’t been able to find anywhere else online.
  • I’ll post about it the day of the launch so you know where to find it and how to order it as well.

Health Equity Summit – Kalamazoo County Health Department – July 2013

  • Thanks to the website address on the back of another one my dearest friend’s car, the Kalamazoo County Health Department contacted me to collaborate on their Photo Voice project and the Health Equity Summit where they’ll be talking about all things sexual health and STDs. They’ll be featuring some of The STD Project’s work and we’re really excited to help promote awareness so close to home. This also helps us satisfy one our long-term goals of working closely within the community.
  • Thanks to my dear friend for happily promoting the website and for the KZoo Health Department for reaching out.
  • We’re always happy to get involved in outreach.

Interview with the American Social Health Association (ASHA)

  • ASHA recently interviewed me for their online subscription publication. Right now, it’s still in print and I haven’t seen the final copy, however, as soon as it hits their archives section, I’ll be sure to link to it, so you guys can read it right along with me.

– – – –

Are you excited about the new book or the weekly podcasts? What do you think about the most recent interview from readers and the ones we’ve participated in? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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