My Herpes > Your Self-Loathing – A Love Letter to a Family Member


To say I’m feeling a bit mentally perplexed today is probably a gross understatement, yet other ways of describing my current state of heart and mind are eluding me entirely. So, that’s the best I’ve got right now: mentally perplexed. Let’s preface this post with: this could be seen as one of my few ‘woe is me’ […]

What It’s Like to Get STD Testing Done with a Private Provider

STD Testing

At The STD Project, we make a point to personally try all of the services or products we recommend on our site. Our policy is that if we do not believe in the efficacy of the product or service, we don’t suggest it to our readers. It’s as simple as that. Last month, I had […]

Petition to Stop Twitter from Censoring Ads about Safer Sex

Safer Sex

This week, one of our supporters, Lucky Bloke, launched a campaign to petition Twitter’s ban on sexual health ads, and they need your help! We also need your help, because this affects The STD Project as well. —–> Sign the Petition to Stop Twitter from Banning Sexual Health Content Here <—–  Twitter has lumped ads […]

Take a 5 Minute, Anonymous STD Testing Survey for BMF!

STD Testing

Boston Microfluidics (BMF) is looking for people to take a 5 minute, anonymous STD testing survey! To take the survey, follow this link! Recently, The STD Project and Boston Microfluidics – the makers of KnowNow at-home HSV2 tests – have begun collaborating. You may have seen some of our recent press in The Daily Beast, […]

The STD Project’s New Logo & Symbol

STD Mark

Having recently wrapped up the majority of our big website redesign, we think it’s a good time to provide some insight into the new logo, and specifically, our choice of the multi-colored symbol you see featured in our logo and throughout our social media profiles. We talk about why we’ve chosen to use the orange, […]

We’re Launching a New Site Design for The STD Project!

STD Project

If you’re seeing this post, you’ve either come to The STD Project on the day of or on some day following our big unveil. So, welcome! After a little over a year and a half since our initial launch, we’ve received some incredible feedback, and we’re ready to invest in the next step. With the […]

The STD Project Partners with WEGO Health for their Activist Awards

STD Project

The STD Project Partners with WEGO Health As advocates for people with STDs, sexual health, and everyone’s overall well-being, The STD Project is delighted to announce our recent partnership with WEGO Health for their Health Activist Awards. Their annual awards program recognizes leaders within the online health community for their advocacy, awareness, and support efforts, […]

Advocate! Annual Sexual Health & STD Awareness Months & Days

Awareness Months

Become an Advocate! Would you like to promote awareness, education and acceptance too? Say yes. Maybe you’re living with an STD but not quite ready to run around shouting it from the rooftops like we do. That’s cool with us. Maybe you know someone who’s been affected by an STD, but you don’t know how […]