Using Lube is Part of Safer Sex – So True

Safer SexIt’s STD Awareness Month!

As such, we’re implementing The STD Project’s month-long myth busting series: So True, So False! Yeah, we think we’re as cool as E! Promoting awareness, education, and acceptance doesn’t always have to be super-serious. Today’s myth? Lube is part of safer sex, and why that’s so true.

Really, though, these myths often perpetuate big problems, because they keep people from getting tested, talking to partners, practicing safer-sex, and all around being conscientious about their sexual health. So, this is kinda serious stuff too!

For our ‘So True, So False’ series, we’re doing the research and debunking some of the common myths we hear all of the time about STDs, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Using Lube is Part of Safer Sex

4 words: Lube. Is. Your. Friend.

If it’s not, it should be.

So, read this post with an investment in lube in mind – you can thank me later.

Here’s why:

Simple answer – friction promotes STI transmission, and lube reduces friction.

Isn’t friction the point of sexual activities?

Yes, definitely, a certain amount of friction feels great. Risk increases, though, when too much friction occurs.

The vagina, the anus, and your mouth and nose, actually, are made up of mucous membranes. These layers of tissue are incredibly permeable, by design, and one of their functions is to trap unwanted pathogens, so the body can rid them before they cause problems. Unfortunately, STIs cannot be rid naturally.

Not only are the mucous membranes permeable, they are rather delicate. So, when too much friction occurs, small tears, rips, and cuts happen – they can happen anywhere, but the mucous membranes are often one of the first to become compromised – and then those trapped, unwanted pathogens (read: STIs) which the body cannot clear on it’s own have a direct route into the system.

Lube, Glorious Lube!

Do your genitals a favor – invest in some latex-safe water-based lube as an early Christmas present for yourself to add to your safer sex tool kit.

If you’re prone to vaginitis (yeast or bacterial vaginitis infections), stay away from warming, numbing, and flavored lubes vaginally.

Your genitals just said thanks.

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Have you heard this before? How did you learn about this myth and what was your opinion before reading this post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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