What Do You Want to See on The STD Project This Year?

STD ContentA new year has arrived (the world didn’t end yet, much to the chagrin of some), which means, it’s a perfect time to make improvements, set goals, and brainstorm dreams into fruition! Therefore, we’re contemplating how we can best serve you, our readers, over the upcoming year.

Recharged and Excited for The New Year

I took a bit of time off over the last couple of weeks, recharging my batteries, if you will, and spent some ‘quality’ time with the fam. (ie. cocktails, fondue, karaoke, and some much needed couch time). Although I’ve not posted as frequently as usual over the past month or so, I’ve received some incredibly inspirational and useful feedback from readers. Your responses to my posts and your personal messages have ushered in some much needed motivation and, consequently, I’m jazzed about the awesome things in store for the new year (an e-book early this year, podcast interviews, guest writing for print and online publications, etc.).

As a result of the phenomenal messages I received from you guys, and because The STD Project is as much a tool for my healing as it is for yours, I thought, what better time to solicit some additional opinions!

Really, the goal behind this website is not only to provide you with some useful resources, but to really serve a greater purpose – eradicate the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The way we can best accomplish such a grandiose paradigm shift is by taking into account what you need.

Your Input

Your input is what matters most and is how you can help me help you and all of our thousands and thousands of readers. Cheesy? Maybe a little. But, I think there’s some merit behind my seemingly too uplifting to be true message.

So, tell me what you need, like, enjoy, or hate even!

We provide such a random array of articles, stories, and media here, I want to be certain we’re giving you more of what you like and less of what you could live without.

Here’s how you can let us know what you think is most useful, most interesting, and most deserving of our (and your) time and energies:

Choose up to 3 of the things you’d most like to see from the survey below.

What do you want to see on The STD Project? (Pick up to 3 choices.)

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Make a suggestion in the comments section below.


Send me an inbox message via the contact form.

I won’t bite. If you’ve constructive criticism, please, send it my way. If you’ve a really great idea for an upcoming post, series of posts, video, or something I’ve not thought of at all, please, send it my way. Your opinion counts and will also count to so many others benefiting from the stuff we do here!

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Do you have a great suggestion? Do you love certain topics I write about or does another website have an interesting format you’d like to see us adopt here? Share your thoughts (and suggestions) in the comments section below!

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